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Hello all. My name is Terry Helms and I live just outside of Odell IL.
The area I spend most of my time in is on the Chili sub from Ancona to Logistics Park.
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Sunday November 22 2009

BNSF Ancona IL. spent a coupe of hours there aqnd photographed six trains.
Saturday November 21 2009

BNSF between Ransom and Mazon. 6:30 am to 9:30 am. A very god time for the BNSF six traning in about an hour and a half.
Saturday November 14 2009

Explored CSX from Rockdale to Morris. Photographed one Engine an EJ&E engine at chem plant between Channahon and Morris.

Then spent some time on the BNSF between Mazon and Verona. Photographed four trains in a little over an hour.
Saturday November 7 2009

Started out for Joliet and instead of Joliet 30 miles north ended up in Gilman IL 30 miles east.

Glad I did got many pictures of a set out and a pickup also some good video.

Pictures to come
Sunday November 1 2009

Spent some time in Ancona IL on the BNSF and got some shots of the weekly Wesbound UP Auto Train.

Did not feel like setting today so I made my way to Seneca IL, on CSX line to photograh a couple of CSX switch engines that are based there. GP15T CSX 1513 and GP15T CSX 1504.

I then ran over to Mazon on the BNSF and caught a westbound at the route 47 crossing in Highball.

After that I then run over to Kinsman and caught two trains in quick succession. Actually it was a meet.

Photos to come.
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